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Welcome to a world where holiday dreams come alive! At Meg Bowman Photography, we're thrilled to introduce you to our enchanting Limited Edition Christmas Sessions featuring the Santa Experience. Get ready to embark on a festive journey that will fill your heart with warmth and create cherished memories that last a lifetime. 

Step into the wonder of the season with our meticulously designed sets that transport you to the heart of the North Pole. Picture yourself in a cozy Classic Christmas Livingroom, surrounded by twinkling lights and traditional decorations, capturing the essence of family togetherness. Venture into Santa's Workshop, where the magic of toy-making and the joy of the holiday spirit blend seamlessly. And don't miss the Santa's Workshop Outdoor Scene – a picturesque backdrop that captures the beauty of winter and the excitement of Christmas.

Step into a world of enchantment with our Limited Edition Christmas Sessions featuring the Santa Experience. Our Santa Sessions are unlike anything you've ever experienced. During these captivating sessions, Your children will get to spend 20 memorable minutes with Santa, where they'll:



Step into the magic of this holiday season

The enchanted Christmas experience

  • Share their most cherished wish list with Santa Claus.
  • Delight in genuine cookies, adding a sweet touch to their time with Santa.
  • Search for their names on the illustrious "Nice List," bringing smiles to their faces.
  • Help Santa to make a special call to his elves, confirming their spot on the good list.
  • Assist Santa in the final stages of toy preparation.
  • Engage in a heartwarming reading of Santa's favorite tale, "Twas the Night Before Christmas."

And that's not all! 

Our Santa Experience is a spellbinding blend of holiday magic and childhood dreams come true. Discover the joy and wonder that awaits your family.

-Justine D.

As a longtime customer of Meg’s studio, I've come to expect exceptional quality and creativity, but her Santa Experience took my breath away! From the moment we walked into the studio we were met with warm smiles and holiday cheer. Santa was so authentic and friendly; it made my daughter feel comfortable and super excited for her photos with him. (He is seriously the BEST Santa!) Bottom line: the Santa Experience sessions are so much more than just a photoshoot; they are an opportunity to create cherished holiday memories.

-amanda M.

"Meg's Christmas sessions are pure magic! You enter the studio, and it is as if you enter the North Pole. The Christmas cheer engulfs you. The one on one time with Santa is so special. The memories we make are priceless, and our pictures are beautiful. It's become our family's favorite Christmas Tradition."

-Megan M.

The Santa Experience with Meg is truly amazing! She put so much detail and attention into transforming her studio, it felt as though we had been transported to the North Pole. The images Meg took of our son sharing his wishlist with Santa, perfectly capture Christmas joy and the wonder of childhood. The Santa Experience is so much more than a holiday photo session. It's a unique and MAGICAL tradition that will leave you with beautiful memories that your family will cherish forever!

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What is included in your Christmas experience

Your family will receive a personalized letter from Santa delivered one week prior to your session, building anticipation and excitement.

unwrap the magic


A captivating 20-minute enchanting session with Santa Claus, filled with laughter, stories, and holiday magic awaits your child! Our Christmas session takes them through four different sets, with a range of activities that together create a heartwarming storyline in their images.

As a part of this enchanting session, your child will receive a special gift from Santa, a cherished token of this magical encounter. They'll also be delighted to take home an autographed copy of Santa's favorite Christmas book, a keepsake to treasure for years to come.



Step into a cozy, classic living room adorned with holiday cheer. It's the perfect backdrop for timeless portraits.  Then, venture into the heart of Santa's workshop, where your child will engage in imaginative toy-making activities.  Next, step outside Santa's workshop into a snowy wonderland featuring a beautiful barn with a red door adorned with festive garland.  Finally, get ready to roll up your sleeves and bake with Santa himself in a charming Christmas kitchen. This delightful set encourages playful interactions and captures the joy of creating holiday treats together. Each set tells a unique part of the holiday story, ensuring that your photos showcase the full range of magical moments and cherished memories from your visit.

We take your Christmas images to the next level with our meticulous hand retouching and expert editing. We'll transform your holiday memories into keepsakes with professional enhancements.

Within one to two weeks after your session, we’ll all gather back in my studio for the big moment: the gallery reveal! You’ll be blown away to see how every laugh, smile, and snuggle translated into radiant art. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to choose which images you’d like to take home with you— You’ll also be able to choose which images you’d like to transform into physical heirlooms. For clients living out of town, we offer a virtual gallery reveal option.





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